Why corporate managers need anti-sexual harassment POSH Act training

Why corporate managers need to be POSH essentials trained
  • 21st Oct, 2021

All managers, HODs, supervisors must be aware of their responsibilities to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace. They must also be familiar that part of their responsibility includes learning to identify sexual harassment through POSH Training sessions and knowing the proper corrective actions to exercise in such an event. Leaders must implement preventative measures as the best tool to eliminate sexual harassment.

POSH Training for Managers, Employers, Team Leaders

Aaditas HR Advisory provides anti-sexual harassment POSH Training workshops designed to train employers and managers in the following areas:

  • The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013 colloquially termed as the POSH Act.
  • Distinguishing the types and forms of sexual harassment;
  • Responsibilities in preventing sexual harassment in the workplace;
  • Adopting preventative actions to ensure a safe and conducive working environment;
  • Conducting timely and thorough investigations against sexual harassment;
  • Taking prompt corrective action in cases of sexual harassment; and
  • Providing remedies and support for victims of sexual harassment

Actions for Managers - Setting the Standards

Managers must encourage and support the POSH Act in their workplace by modeling respect and equality towards each employee. A manager's actions and behavior set the standard of conduct expected of everyone – team members, customers, clients, and third parties.

A safe and respectful working environment starts with strong leaders that understand their duties and ensure their workers are supported, protected, and understand their reporting options through education and training.

Remember, team members will often reach out to their team leaders, manager, or supervisor as a first step. They will have a critical role in handling concerns and handle complaints respectfully and confidentially.

Negligence of Managers to Prevent Sexual Harassment

For managers, HODs, supervisors, part of their legal and ethical responsibility is to maintain a workplace free of sexual harassment. By ignoring signs of sexual harassment faced by employees or allowing such behaviour to flourish, managerial heads are at risk of litigation; their employees are at risk of poor employee morale and low productivity.

The employer / head of the organization will be liable and penalized for tolerating a hostile and unsafe work environment for women, if the employer knows (or should know) about the offensive sexual harassment event but fails to take appropriate remedial action. In effect, the POSH Act requires all organizations to make informed efforts to provide a working environment free from hostile or offensive harassment.


There are several steps to prevent sexual harassment from occurring in your workplace. Employers, reporting managers, team leaders, supervisors in the organization:

  • Must follow the ‘code of conduct’ HR Policies in the Employee Handbook
  • Attend POSH awareness training sessions for supervisors and managers that are separate from the POSH training for all employees

Our POSH Training Program for Managers train and deeply familiarize the managers and supervisors about sexual harassment and explains how to deal with complaints.