Focus on your core business priorities

by outsourcing HR Operations

Aaditas’ HR Advisory Services model is designed in a way that it provides operational services to meet your routine/recurring HR needs and also enables efficient functioning on a specific HR project.

Our adept team in HR operations in India provides critical support and expert guidance while filling all short or long-term gaps within your organization’s day-to-day HR function. We understand, advise and respond to your Operational HR needs, then implement our strategies to ensure that you are able to focus on your core business competencies. We are getting closer to our aim to be the most preferred HR outsourcing agency by providing our clients specialized HR focus to attract and retain their talent; engage employees; draw up compensation and benefit plans and efficiently manage the routine HR activities for their company.

Background Services - HR Services - HR Consultancy in Mumbai India

Background verification

With local expertise in India, we help organizations to mitigate risk and thus secure the right team members by conducting professional background verification services for their employees.

Employee Documentation - HR Services - HR Consultancy in Mumbai India

Employee documentation

Our HR operations support team helps our clients' organizations in maintaining all the necessary HR documentation and a better flow of information to ensure a smooth operation and compliance.

Induction and Staff Onboarding - HR Services - HR Agency in Mumbai India

Induction and Staff On-boarding

Our team members facilitate the joining formalities for our clients’ employees, providing them a great employee on-boarding experience.

Statutory HR Audit- HR Services - HR Agency in Mumbai India

Statutory Audit

We extend our technical expertise for HR audits and inspections to identify the gaps in our clients’ HR processes and applicable mandatory compliance

Employee Benefits Roll Out - HR Services - HR Agency in Mumbai India

Benefits Roll Out

Insurances, paid vacations or retirement plans, we help organizations in designing their Employee Benefits Program and also in finding the right service providers and structures to suit their needs.

Leave and Attendance Management - HR Services - HR Agency in Mumbai India

Leave and Attendance Management

Our team helps our clients in managing their Employee Attendance and Leaves in a manner that is efficient and accurate to meet the statutory compliance requirements as mandated by the local S&E Act.

Payroll and Monthly Compliance - HR Services - HR Agency in Mumbai India

Payroll and Monthly Compliance

We specialize in maintaining timesheet information and payroll databases, calculating monthly pay-check amounts / payroll taxes.

On-Site HR support - HR Services - HR Company in Mumbai India

On-Site HR support (“HR implant”)

Our onsite HR support visits your premises to organize and administer to your pressing human resource management needs.

Employee Engagement - HR Services - HR Agency in Mumbai India

Employee Engagement

Employee feedback, positive communication, or motivational activities - we collaborate with your team to boost spirits and get employees more motivated.

Entrust your HR operations on us!

Our Operational HR Strategy

for daily tactical HR operations essential to maintain the health and hygiene of your Company

Your HR outsourcing questions answered

It helps you to spend your time wisely. It also helps you to concentrate on your core business competencies whilst the HR affairs are managed by experts in the field. When you consider the expertise and knowledge needed to conduct HR operations in India, especially as a new company forms and grows, there is a growing demand for skills and numbers in the workforce. This necessitates to have a strong HR operations platform in the company. You will need an HR operations agency in India to come to your help — an expert in All Things HR within the region!

At Aaditas HR Advisory, HR is our forte — day in and day out. Our HR executives and managers are dedicated to their own specialty, ensuring all HR operations are performed and delivered accurately and timely. We provide unparalleled HR practices to our clients to curtail employment-related risks and help them take better care of their employees, thus improving retention and reducing attrition!

Aaditas HR Advisory is positioned to offer you customizable boutique HR solutions to cater to the unique requirements of your company. As a client of our operational HR services in India, you can contract for the services that you explicitly need and may choose to combine it with our HR advisory services, HR engineering services, POSH Act compliance, and Payroll and Labour compliance.

Yes! Aaditas HR Advisory has clients across 15 cities in India. In these times of remote workforces and remote support, we have tailored our service to support clients on a remote basis. We spend quality time with your company and team to know your needs. Our clients find this effective. We have the ability to meet on-site demands, as required.

Intensive Understanding of Your HR Needs

We invest time to understand your goals, targets and mission to formulate a well-organized HR management strategy.

Evaluate Your Current HR Functionality

Evaluating your current HR capabilities will enable a better understanding on team member contribution to your objectives.

Estimate your Future HR Requirements

Determine new jobs and roles required to pave the way forward. Assess expertise required by present staff to undertake recent roles, chalk their career progression, and do succession planning.

Implement Operational HR Strategy

A complete bundle – from recruitment to on-boarding; and from employee engagement to coaching should be in place to encourage staff retention.

Other Services

We help you ensure compliance

HR Legal and Compliance - Other HR Services - Aaditas HR Advisory

HR Legal and Compliance

It's important to stay compliant with employment and workplace laws and avoid legal issues relating to HR.

Workplace Sexual Harassment POSH Act Training - Other HR Services - Aaditas HR Advisory

Workplace Sexual Harassment

Companies must be compliant with the provisions of The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace Act and commit to creating a safe work-from-office and work-from-home environment.
HR Policies and Procedures - Other HR Services - Aaditas HR Advisory

HR Policies and Procedures

Every company in India must lay down an efficient strategy for developing, communicating, and executing a set of HR practices that reflect the company’s standards.