Get tactical project-based HR solutions

on a one-time project or a long-term relationship

Aaditas HR Advisory Services partner with clients for their HR success either on a one-time project or in a longer-term value relationship to address their unique human capital requirements. Our HR consultants in India provide with practical and strategic HR solutions to employee related issues faced by various companies.

If your organization is relatively small in India or doesn’t have an independent HR function then outsourcing a particular HR project is a logical decision, especially when your organization has to encounter specific HR issues those need critical expertise. At the start of any consulting project, our team of seasoned HR professionals, jointly with our clients, establishes their HR goals. We can customize our project-based HR Consulting Services for you on a part-time, full-time, or contract-to-hire basis (“HR implant”). We advise our clients onsite at the company’s location, virtually or through a combination of both. See our list below to see the wide range of one-time / project-based HR solutions we offer.

Best HR Practices - HR Services - HR Agency in Mumbai India

Best HR Practices

We design the best HR practices checklist that supports each stage of an organization’s growth. We advise companies to implement best HR practice based on their business requirements, feedback from employees or change in employment landscape of India. We guide clients to create a safe work environment, establish clear KRAs, KPIs for employees, and more.

HR Policies and Procedures - Other HR Services - Aaditas HR Advisory

HR policies and procedures

We help organizations in writing or updating their HR policies and procedures covering important aspects such as, Code of Conduct, Business Travel, Gifts and Entertainment, Anti-corruption, Confidentiality, Leave, Maternity Benefits, Health and Safety and Performance Management.

Employee Benefits - HR Services - HR Consultancy in Mumbai India

Employee Benefits

Our team helps employers to design a lucrative and competitive employee benefits plan which may include a range of benefits like health and life insurance, vacation, sabbatical, retirement benefits, flexible working hours that meet employee needs and applicable law.

Salary Benchmarking - HR Services - HR Consultancy in Mumbai India

Salary & Benefits Benchmarking

We assist clients in deciding the most appropriate salary, benefits, and reward strategy for their employees based on the relevant market data to address their requirements. We benchmark the salary and key benefits of our clients’ employees against the best players and paymasters in the market. We research for clients to keep their employee remuneration scheme at par with their key competitors. Our Salary & Benefits Benchmarking exercise has helped many companies in finalizing their salary budgets, developing their financial models and attracting new talent and retaining existing talent in their organization.

Organization Structure and Grading System - HR Services - HR Consultancy in Mumbai India

Organization Structure and Grading System

A clear organization structure offers the necessary clarity of the hierarchy in the organization, helps employees to see the growth path and helps in workforce planning. A professionally designed grading system addresses the gaps in department functioning and offering various entitlements across levels. We regularly help companies to build an appropriate organization structure and to design job grading systems.

Employee Satisfaction Surveys - HR Services - HR Agency in Mumbai India

Employee Satisfaction Surveys

We carefully design and conduct Employee Satisfaction Surveys which help us to get reasonable employee perceptions of their employers. The results of these surveys are often used by us to advise our clients for improving their workplace environment, culture, manage their reputation and increase overall employee satisfaction.

Conducting HR Audits - HR Services - HR Consultancy in Mumbai India

Conducting HR Audits

Our team of experienced HR consultants conducts HR Audits to identify areas of potential legal risk, non-compliance and cultural setbacks. Our HR audits have helped companies to determine their “HR hygiene and health” and improve on the same.

Solutions to Gaps in HR Audits - HR Services - HR Company in Mumbai India

Solutions to Gaps in HR Audits

Our clients receive a detailed report from our consultants’ with findings from the HR Audit. Based on the findings, we provide recommendations and complete solutions with immediate actions to problems before they become unmanageable or they attract any risks.

Employee Engagement Activities - HR Agency India - Aaditas HR Advisory

Team Building Sessions

Serious team building activities with fun games – we hold virtual and in-office team building sessions for our clients depending on their goals, team size, location settings, and preparation time. These team-building activities are designed to achieve a short-term goal or address a long-term problem.

Conducting HR Audits - HR Services - HR Consultancy in Mumbai India

Motivational/Inspirational Talks

Encourage your team through motivational/inspirational talk sessions held by our speakers which inspire employees to enhance workplace performance and demonstrate optimum productivity. Our motivational speakers give your team a candid, thought-provoking and fun experience focusing business results.

Our services meet your specific business demands!

Our Project Based HR Strategy

helps meet HR requirements in the short term and long term

Your HR outsourcing questions answered

We assist organizations to meet their urgent/critical HR requirements. This requirement is typically addressed by us like a project work, wherein we create the exact scope of work along with the timelines for it. Our HR professionals have completed projects ranging from creating or revising an employee handbook, creating employee goal objectives, designing a robust performance management system, designing a salary and benefits benchmarking strategy, etc. As part of our project-based HR support, we also organize team-building workshops, motivational talk sessions for your entire organization. Even, creating a policy or appointing an Internal Committee under The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace Act (POSH Act) is a project-based service provided by us. Project-based HR services are also suitable in addressing issues those may require external intervention by HR / ER experts, such as HR audits, running disciplinary or grievance hearings, conducting HR departmental investigations.

Aaditas HR Advisory Services work with organizations of all sizes to help them in expanding their HR capacity for a specific project or need. As a team with profound knowledge and professional experience -expertise in the HR industry, we understand that most organizations require targeted or progressive HR support while starting their operations in India. That is where we step in! Our services help you to achieve organizational outcomes that support employee retention, employee engagement, optimum productivity and thus, business growth. Your HR department/organization will be assigned consultant/s from our team to assist you either at your premises or remotely. With this background, our clients found our HR solutions appealing and unique to their problems, hence they have chosen to work with us.

With each HR project you entrust us, we provide consistent project status updates through tools such as a HR MIS to keep you informed of progress. Our team will coordinate with you via emails or calls to help your team track our agreed project plan and milestone chart.

The timeline for your HR project depends on the type of project shared with us and the specific HR strategy of your organization. Through our initial discussions with your team, together we determine the approach that will best accomplish your desired outcomes and provide the expected timeframe.

Understand Your Project Plans

We first thoroughly understand our clients’ HR project plans and what impact would they create in the areas of HR operations, compliance and people management. We then identify the best strategies to help clients to achieve satisfactory results.

Build the HR Project Plan

Our HR professionals create the project plans by keeping all things organized. From our team efforts to milestones and from communication plans to engagement—we build the strategy that we will require to succeed in your project.

Implement Project Based HR Strategy

We have the capacity to successfully deliver on your HR project as you pursue your organization’s goals. The execution phase involves carrying out the planning details of the project and successfully deliver our services.

Share and Monitor the HR Project Plan

We track and share updates to keep everyone on your team and ours on the same page. We monitor the progress of the strategic HR project plan and communicate successes or modifications to your team.

Other Services

We manage all your single and long-term HR projects

Employee Benefits Roll Out - HR Services - HR Agency in Mumbai India

Employee Benefits Roll Out

We research various employee benefits trends, understand your team’s needs, discuss client’s budgets, evaluate different vendors - before our HR consultants recommend the best employee benefits to help client’s employees.

Employee Relations - Employee Management - Aaditas HR Advisory

Employee Relations

We encourage peer interactions, conduct team building activities to build strong professional employee relationships and thus foster employee engagement. We hold regular meetings and run various surveys to maintain transparent communication to create a positive work environment.
Employee Performance Management - HR Consultancy India - Aaditas HR Advisory

Performance Management

We conceive and deliver performance management programs to confirm employee understanding of performance standards, role expectations, transparency in achievements and goals, and performance results.