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Aaditas HR Advisory Services has a team of HR consultants and delivery experts with hands-on experience in providing simple & pragmatic solutions to complex HR issues within an organization. Our approach is to ensure that our clients follow the most effective people management and retention strategy, in line with the business objectives thus safeguarding the interest of all the stakeholders.

Once we are on board as your HR Advisors in India, we partner as a team to bring in our people-centric approach and HR strategies, expert support on HR operations, employee engagement and productivity enhancement. Our HR advisory solutions ensure 100% compliance to applicable HR laws and an overall improvement in employee relations. We help clients to customize their HR strategy catering to their internal challenges. Contact us for further information.

Employee Relations - Employee Management - Aaditas HR Advisory

Employee Relations (Discipline, Grievance & Harassment)

Our HR Advisory Services are designed to help our clients in maintaining the necessary awareness within employees on their company’s expectations around Employee Relations matters such as Discipline, Grievance and Harassment. We create channels of constant awareness for employees on the acceptable standards of performance and conduct and enable employers to take appropriate remedial action (in cases of continued failure to meet these standards).

Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace - POSH Act Awareness Training - Aaditas HR Advisory

Orientation on Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace Act (colloquially known as “POSH Act”)

Employers in India are responsible for maintaining a working environment that is free from any form of harassment. The POSH Act necessitates companies to form an Internal Committee (IC) and to regularly organize orientation and awareness programs on the provisions of the POSH Act. Our orientation and sensitization programs on the POSH Act have been immensely successful thus far as they offer the necessary clarity to employees on the issues and implications of workplace sexual harassment (particularly sexual harassment of women at workplace).

Redundancy Downsizing Employee Terminations - HR Employee Management - Aaditas HR

Business restructuring , Difficult Employee Exits, Terminations

Adverse economic situations and various business mechanics sometimes compel organizations to cease the employment of few or all employees. In such scenarios, we effectively advise Companies to follow the appropriate procedure to ensure that the separation process is fair and legally acceptable. We help in planning and managing complex employment termination procedures, provide support to exiting employees through counselling and outplacement, thus encouraging the remaining workforce.

Employment Laws - Aaditas HR Advisory

Employment Laws

Our HR consultants help clients to comply with governing Indian labour laws applicable for recruitment and selection, health and safety measures, industrial relations, employee appraisal, employee benefits, training, and development, employee exit etc.

Underperformance Issues - Aaditas HR Advisory

Underperformance Issues

We regularly help our clients to create an action plan to handle employees’ underperformance issues in a constructive and progressive manner. We assist our clients in designing a robust Performance Management and Review Mechanism that ensures fair assessment of employees’ performance and defines appropriate measures to deal with consistent Underperformance.

Hiring Complexities HR Employee Management - Aaditas HR Advisory

Hiring Complexities

We help organizations to tackle hiring complexities through effective intervention and advisory. Our HR team is highly qualified to develop and deliver strategies those allow handling any complexity that impacts recruitment, learning and development needs, and other HR functions.

HR Departmental Investigations - Aaditas HR Advisory

HR Departmental Investigations

We conduct confidential third-party investigations on in-house HR departments. We conduct workplace assessments to explore the strengths and weaknesses of the HR department within an organization.

Executive Compensation - Aaditas HR Advisory

Executive Compensation

We help organizations to understand and plan for greater integration between executive compensation programs with broad-based HR strategies. We help create an executive rewards strategy that aligns with the talent management and retention strategy our clients.

Conflict Resolution - HR People Employee Management - Aaditas HR Advisory

Conflict Resolution

We maintain the relevant expertise in settling workplace conflicts and disputes through efficiently interpreting company policies and employment and labour laws. We act as a mediator between employees and managers and ensure an acceptable outcome for all parties.

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Aaditas HR Advisory Services hold an extensive breadth and depth of knowledge and experience across all components of Human Resources. We focus on providing practical advice and constant engagement to our clients on the ever-changing HR needs of their organization. Our HR advisors in India aptly analyse clients’ HR requirements and offer them the necessary clarity on making choices and decisions to meet those crucial requirements. We provide customized HR solutions for their organization with an ultimate aim to improve their business performance. As part of their outsourced HR team in India, we handle all their people management needs with well-tested management approach.

We truly appreciate the level of trust and confidence clients put in our HR advisory services. Our clients and business partners recommend Aaditas HR Advisory Services – as one of the preferred HR Advisory Consultancies in India, particularly in cities such as Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Delhi, Gurgaon, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Pune. For the past many years, we have been helping companies to create and maintain a compliant, safe, and healthy work environment for their employees. We bring the best HR practices with pragmatic knowledge of delivering high-standard HR operational and strategic management services. We have clients across many industries and have provided them the right expertise! From the first phone call, to meetings, to the final project delivery day, we are there for our clients every step of the way.

An organization may have an in-house HR department but may not always have state and local employment law expertise or in-depth understanding of complex HR issues. Their expertise may fall short to create a healthy, positive work culture and morale. As an expert HR Advisory Consultancy, we step in with rich experience of over 40 years to offer HR solutions that are vetted by experience and best HR practices. We are in a position to provide an unbiased opinion or third-party perspective on employee -management situations. We focus first on the client’s business needs and compliance from a HR perspective and then provide suggestions for best practices customized and tailored to their organization.

Yes! Aaditas HR Advisory Services delivers HR operations services and HR support to international companies and entrepreneurs entering in India, start-ups, and established organizations across all sectors. We have catered to our clients across 15 cities in India - without interrupting their day-to-day HR operations. Keeping up with the changing dynamics, we spend quality time understanding our clients through regular virtual and in-person meetings. Our constant, constructive and creative engagement with our clients is our key to success!


We assure confidentiality to our clients in all aspects of our HR Advisory Services. We treat client information to be strictly confidential and have measures to protect sensitive employee information.


We have extensive experience to assist clients in all capacities of HR to best meet their HR advisory needs on either a turnkey project basis, hourly, or retainer basis. We act as an outsourced HR department for a client or extend our expertise to the in-house HR team.


Over the years, we have built our Trust and Credibility by delivering HR solutions and best HR practices those are sustainable and also have created value for our clients’ stakeholders and investors . Our team of HR professionals feel a sense of duty to maintain competence in the field.

Best HR Approach

We are uniquely positioned to assist organisations to focus on their HR priorities. We provide a roadmap into an effective and actionable HR strategy and priorities to leverage human capital.

Other Services

We assess the health of your organization’s HR function

HR Operational Services - HR Agency in India - Aaditas HR

HR Operational Services

We offer day-to-day HR operations with support and expert guidance designed to fill gaps within an organization’s HR function. Our team manages the daily human resources tasks on an ongoing basis.
HR Engineering Services - HR Company in India - Aaditas HR

HR Engineering Services

We help organizations stay compliant with employment laws and regulations. We help you lay established guidelines and rules for your organization (key HR policies) designed to ensure employee satisfaction and productivity.
Project Based HR Services - HR Agency in India - Aaditas HR

Project Based HR Solutions

We engage with our clients for success on a one-time HR project to meet their specific and time-bound business needs . These are one-time activities ranging from Revision to HR policies or procedures, Designing benefits & salary packages, HR audits or Training activity.