Building your
HR Architecture

Optimizing your existing HR structure

Aaditas HR Advisory Services’ team helps clients navigate through building their HR function, strengthening their organizational HR infrastructure thus enhancing talent management, change management, and workforce optimization.

Our HR consultants and advisors in India help you manage your organization’s HR foundations by ensuring maximum governance and productivity for your company. We help companies to secure their HR framework while they can focus on driving their business forward. We assist clients in creating HR functions by aligning HR and their business strategy and systems. This has helped our clients immensely to attract new talent and retain the existing talent. Our HR solutions are designed to unlock the true potential of our clients in India and navigate transformational changes across all their HR requirements.

HR Function Setup - HR Consultancy India - Aaditas HR Advisory

Setting up the HR Function

We can help build your organization with the 5 core HR functions: Recruitment, Talent Management and Development, Compensation and Benefits, Health and Safety, and Employee Relations.

HR Policies - HR Consultancy India - Aaditas HR Advisory

Issuance of HR Policies

With our deep understanding of employment regulations in India and HR Best Practices worldwide, we have the expertise to draft HR policies in compliance with federal, state, and industry-specific regulations, at par with the business standards.

HR Standard Operating Procedures - HR Agency India - Aaditas HR Advisory

HR Standard Operating Procedures

We help our clients in setting up HR Standard Operational Procedures (“SOPs”)to ease their internal HR department's functioning and focus on delivering a high-quality employment experience to the employees.

Employee Handbook HR Policies - HR Agency India - Aaditas HR Advisory

Employee Handbook

We draft employee handbooks to ensure that the employees of our client get maximum clarity on the disciplinary standards, performance parameters and behavioral expectations of the Company. Our employee handbooks are drafted with the content that potentially protects our clients from any unforeseen legal issues and also defines their values and mission clearly.

Staff Onboarding - HR Services - HR Agency in Mumbai India

On-boarding of candidates

Once our clients find their ideal candidate, we create a seamless on-boarding process to complete all the joining formalities in a manner that new candidates feel informed and acknowledged.

Induction of Employees - HR Services - HR Agency in Mumbai India


We plan an effective induction program for our client’s new employees to ensure they settle well into their employment, encourage closer identification with the team, and show efficiency as soon as possible. Our teams carry out the induction and orientation programs in a manner that offers complete clarity to the new joiners on the various employment conditions, benefits and organization’s goals.

Employee Benefits Roll Out - HR Services - HR Agency in Mumbai India

Employee Benefits Program

We assist our clients in designing an Employee Benefits and Wellness Program that is at-par with the highest industry standards and an all-around success in supporting the overall health and safety of their employees.

Leave and Attendance Management - HR Services - HR Agency in Mumbai India

Attendance, Leave & Payroll Management

Our team effectively creates, manages, and tracks employee attendance, leaves, and payroll, thereby simplifying the complex task of monthly reconciliation for each employee working for our client.

Employee Change Management - HR Consultancy India - Aaditas HR Advisory

Change Management

We often help companies in a successful change management initiative. We minimize the disruption to the client’s organization by processing all the necessary and relevant documentation to achieve a successful implementation.

Goal Setting Exercise - HR Consultants Mumbai India - Aaditas HR Advisory

Goal Setting Exercise

Our expert team helps in defining accurate, measurable and realistic business objectives those align our client’s organization, all the departments, and individuals towards a singular goal. We help to facilitate the strategy and execution of ‘Acceptable Performance Standards’ for our client’s employees in an efficient manner, thereby boosting the synergies those exist across all the fuctions in their organization.

Employee Reward and Recognition - HR Services - HR Agency in Mumbai India

Reward and Recognition

We create moments to make employees feel special and valued for their contribution to the organization of our client through a creative and sustainable Reward and Recognition program. We deliver a fun-based and timely reward experience with multiple reward types that reinforces high-quality performance expectation in employees.

Employee Engagement Activities - HR Agency India - Aaditas HR Advisory

Employee Engagement Activities

We bring our clients' teams together by organizing engaging communications, employee feedback, and fun contests. If you are reading this section of our website to get ideas for delivering an absolutely engaging and learning program for your company’s employees then for your next activity, we can help you to create an Employee Engagement Program that shall foster workplace engagement and enhance employee satisfaction.

Employee Performance Management - HR Consultancy India - Aaditas HR Advisory

Performance Management

We help companies in implementing a ‘Performance Management System’ to empower their team with regular feedback and thus successfully achieve the objectives set for their role. We facilitate employee performance reviews, development planning and feedback sessions for our clients’ employees. Our HR advisors are qualified to help our clients in effectively setting the KRAs and KPIs for our clients’ employees.

Employee Learning and Development - HR Services - HR Agency in Mumbai India

Learning and Development

We provide customized, interactive Learning and Development programs to improve group and individual performance. We help our clients to create a culture that fosters continuous learning and enhancement of skills and knowledge.

Employee Exit Management - HR Services - HR Agency in Mumbai India

Employee Exit Management

Based on our clients' organization's need, we facilitate the exit process for their employees and make their documentation easy. Our teams gather feedback from the exiting employee and work with the clients to deal with that feedback appropriately.

Entrust your HR engineering services to us!

Our HR Engineering Strategy

for holistic HR Architecture and Functions that align with your business strategies

Your HR outsourcing questions answered

We work with our clients to build an impactful and sustainable HR function. A robust and well-engineered HR structure efficiently promotes the organization’s strategy and vision clearly and also ensures that the company remains compliant with the applicable industry standards. As the outsourced HR partner of our clients, we function as an extension of their HR team. When our clients embark on an HR Engineering partnership with us, we understand their business objectives and help them to create an ecosystem that delivers value to all the stakeholders (Employees, Management and Investors) of the Company from a HR perspective. We are responsible for setting their HR function, issuances of HR policies, and other vital activities. We provide our clients with a steadfast framework for HR functions. All the while, our team of HR consultants in India will ensure our offered HR services align with our client’s business objectives while they focus on business growth.

We have clients across many industries and have provided them the right expertise to support their HR Engineering initiatives. We have been enabling our clients to successfully draw and implement their HR policies and practices to align with their day-to-day HR operations.
As a full-service HR consulting and advisory firm, our clients see value and great return on their investment towards HR services. Over the years, we have inspired abundant faith and confidence within our clients. This leads them to return to us for regularly HR Advisory Services, Creating various HR Policies, Performance Management requirements, POSH Act Training and Compliance, Salary Benchmarking, Operational HR services, Talent Acquisition and Payroll Compliance.

Yes! Aaditas HR Advisory Services has been providing end-to end HR Engineering Services package to clients across many cities in India either through our local HR representative or a ‘HR Implant’- without disrupting their current operation! We are here to provide all HR solutions that our clients need remotely. Our HR engineers spend quality time in understanding our clients' HR goals and work with our leaders for offering a seamless experience to our clients. We communicate regularly to furnish updates as we progress and deliver by the agreed timeline. We can meet in-premise requirements, as required.

Align to Organizational Needs

A well-drafted HR Engineering strategy complements an organization's HR goals by creating the internal HR architecture that can effectively activate its people and processes.

Evaluate Your Current HR Functionality

Assessing or Reviewing a company’s current HR function - then determining areas of vulnerability, suggesting remedy issues that need urgent action, and identifying efficiencies that can be achieved.

Meet company HR requirements

Talent acquisition, training and development, employee remuneration administration, retaining is crucial to understand in the entire strategic HR engineering planning process.

Other Services

We assess the health of your organization’s HR function

Induction & Staff Onboarding - HR Services - HR Agency in Mumbai India

Induction and On-boarding of Staff

Successful onboarding programs can handle any concerns and ensure that employees can take ownership of their roles more efficiently.
Workplace Sexual Harassment POSH Act Training - Other HR Services - Aaditas HR Advisory

Workplace Sexual Harassment

We help organizations with 10+ employees to meet with the compliances defined under The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace Act (colloquially known as “POSH Act”) and create the necessary awareness on this topic through orientation sessions.
Employee Engagement Activities - HR Agency India - Aaditas HR Advisory

Employee Engagement Activities

We help in promoting high levels of engagement among employees through impactful employee engagement ideas, leading to improvement in organizational performance.