Indian law mandates sexual harassment POSH Act training for 10+ employees in all organizations

Indian law mandates sexual harassment POSH Act training for 10 employees in all organizations
  • 10th Oct, 2021

The Ministry for Women and Child Development, Government of India, introduced the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013, commonly referred to as the ‘POSH Act.’

The POSH Act is effective with the objective of making all workplaces safer for women by mandating employers to follow stated regulations. Every employer must create awareness in POSH in preventing, prohibiting, and redressing acts of sexual harassment against women in the workplace.

What does the POSH Act mandate?

  1. Secure working environment for women within the workplace:
    Under the POSH Act, all employers are liable for ensuring that the workplace is safe for women employees, clients, customers, or domestic help that enters the workplace premises.
  2. Conduct regular sexual harassment awareness programmes and workshops with the provisions of the POSH Act:
    The POSH Act requires every employer to organise periodic sensitisation workshops for all their employees. It is advised to conduct POSH training for employees and managers once a year. Only POSH experts must conduct POSH training sessions and seminars with experience in women issues.
  3. Constitution of an Internal Committee (10+ employees):
    Every institution and organization with greater than or equal to 10 employees must form an in-house Internal Committee (IC) under the PoSH Act. The IC is legally responsible for hearing and redressing any sexual harassment complaints in the workplace.

Who is required to comply?

  1. The head of all departments, organizations, institutions, company branches, establishments, enterprises, or government units with greater than or equal to 10 employees.
  2. The individual or household who employs a full-time or part-time domestic worker.

Repercussions for non-compliance with the POSH Act

  1. If an employer fails to discharge any of the duties placed upon him under the POSH Act, a penalty is levied (which can reach up to fifty thousand rupees (Rs. 50,000)).
  2. If an employer violates the provisions of the POSH Act a second time, he faces a twofold penalty or cancellation of business license / business registration.

How can Aaditas HR Advisory Services help you become POSH compliant?

We are a team of experienced HR professionals with a POSH Training Expert committed to making your organization POSH Act compliant.

Our services include:
  • POSH Training for Employees
  • POSH Training for HR Professionals
  • POSH Training for Managers
  • POSH Training for Internal Complaints Committee (IC)
  • Impanel External ICC Member


The POSH Act is a step towards eliminating sexual harassment towards women by creating awareness of having a secure workplace and emphasizing equal rights in the workplace. Every employer is charged with ensuring that preventive measures are in place to build a congenial work environment. Complete implementation of the POSH Act is mandatory to comply with the POSH Law and thus increase the participation of women in all sectors. And all of this can be possible through by our sexual harassment POSH Training.